• The second part of our studio cleanup went so well, that we’re ready to move our supplies & desks in this week. Not sure if anyone who came is on tumblr, but THANKS GUYS!!

    I included a shot of part of the downstairs woodshop/spray area, but actually my studiomates Matthew (& probably his girlfriend Jade, also), and Ellen set that up.

    We finished from 10am-6pm:

    • took down moldy drywall in basement
    • cleaned and removed drywall debris
    • determined strength of stairs, maybe how to reinforce them
    • figured out, finally, where to put the desks, letterpresses, and other presses
    • realized we might need somewhere for screenprinting too?!
    • acquired another letterpress, maybe (what)
    • 2nd coat of paint in bathroom
    • removed paint from main room
    • mopped main room
    • cleaned stairwell
    • disinfected bathroom drawers
    • organized supplies
    • disinfected bench in main area


    Hopefully I’ll be able to post progress shots of the new setup in progress.

    (It’s also worth nothing that the giant blue mural in the one room isn’t ours — it’s from Transmat Records. It’s a bit damaged from age & water, though :/)

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